• when the pandemic hit, we spent 45 days with just each other in a tiny LA apartment watching Tiger King, "testing" wine subscriptions, and going on very, very long walks to manage our anxiety.

    one of these 7-mile loops ended at a local matcha shop, where we first witnessed the ancient, mindful art of whisking matcha. making matcha together quickly became a grounding daily routine for us in an otherwise hectic time.

    once we returned to the office and our normal busy lives, we wanted to find a way to preserve the ritual of making matcha, while also having something that was more on-the-go.

    so after months of experimentation, we created Chatty to bring the world a healthy, delicious, and convenient way to find their daily pocket of peace, and distill the ritual of matcha into 3 shakes and the crack of a can.


relying on nitrogen to make our drinks creamy significantly reduces our carbon and water footprint compared to many other matcha products. did you know a glass of dairy milk produces almost 3x more greenhouse gases than any plant-based milk? and a single California almond requires 3.2 gallons of water to grow fully?

social equity commitments

we pledge to donate a portion of all profits to an AAPI-focused org annually.

we are committed to hiring a diverse set of employees.

our content on social media / email newsletters will highlight Japanese stories and culture.

chatty will stand up against Asian hate.